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Avoiding Tenant Evictions in Jacksonville Beach, FL | Professional Property Management

Many rental property owners, particularly new landlords, are concerned about being in a position where an eviction will be required. They aren’t sure if they need an attorney, and they have questions about how much it costs and how long the process takes. Perhaps these are the wrong questions. A Jacksonville property manager will tell you to ask how to avoid eviction instead.

Provide a High Quality Property

First, you need to offer a top quality product. A home in good repair, which is well-maintained and very clean will attract a high quality tenant. Make sure it looks its best so that when prospective tenants arrive for showings, they can imagine living there.

Thorough Tenant Screening

Next you need a thorough screening process. Check credit histories, criminal backgrounds, tenant history, as well as income and employment. You also need to engage in a little old fashioned detective work.

Solid Lease and Consistent Procedures

You need a solid lease. Don’t use a generic lease from the Internet, but one drafted by an attorney who is familiar with the Landlord Tenant Law in Florida, or wherever you are located. You also have to have a solid rent collection policy in place, and you need to enforce it. In this era of online applications and electronic payments and digital signatures, I believe in the value of a face to face meeting with tenants before they move in. This gives you the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a mutually respectful relationship. Make sure your tenants know how to request maintenance and where and when to pay rent. They need to know what to expect from you and what you expect from them. Make sure you have procedures in place that nurture a mutually respectful relationship.

Treat Tenants with Respect

Treat tenants with respect if you want to avoid the risk of evictions. Respond to their needs, keep the home maintained, and respond fairly when issues arise. You have to remember that sometimes life throws people a curveball. There may be a death in the family, a job loss, or an opportunity in another city. When these situations arise, be on the list of the first people they call. It puts you in charge of the situation and allows you to facilitate a quick turnover and limit lost rental income. Avoid an adversarial relationship ifAvoiding Tenant Evictions in Jacksonville Beach, FL you want to avoid evictions. When you provide a clean, maintained property, you’ll have a happy tenant, which increases your return and decreases the probability that you’ll have to evict.

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